GENEIS is a Biotechnology Company, founded by Nesrin Ercelen, MD, Ph.D. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nesrin-ercelen-ozturk-b7016343/)

Dr. Nesrin Ercelen has been working for more than 15 years to provide Genetic, Biotech, and Stem Cell Consultancy to Hospitals, Clinics, and Companies.

GENEIS creates Biotechnology Projects to be realized, not only in the medical and governmental sectors but also in accordance with business and human ethics

Genetic Counseling

Science of genetics has shown a rapid progress recent years as the Human Genome Project was completed. As a result of this study it is determined that the human genome consists of 23.000 genes. Another important discovery made after this study is that approximately 10 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) can be found in every person. These polymorphisms cause the variety and differences among people.  While some SNP’s may cause diseases, some may increase the tendency for some diseases. Genetic consulting becomes very important at this point. Genetic consulting determines a personal treatment way via genetic test opportunities offered by the developing technology. Genetic consulting especially becomes more important for those who have a background of genetic diseases in family history. These people can be informed by genetic consulting about which genetic problems he or she has or has not and which diseases this problem may cause. Patients can be led to an efficient treatment method for this disease that has a possibility to occur. Parents, who a genetic problem has been spotted in their babies by prenatal diagnosis method during pregnancy, may also take the advantage of genetic consulting for healthy and objective information based on scientific facts, about the future of their pregnancy.

Geneis Telemedicine Clinic  provide genetic counseling to patients anywhere in Turkey vie Skype. The average session includes the following:

  • Evaluation of hereditary clinical diagnosis and family history
  • Discussion of genetic testing and possible test results, including the risk of family members
  • Coordination of the genetic testing process, including the assessment of wages
  • Documentation of the genetic counseling session and transmission of test results to the patient

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Genetic Diagnosis We Provide

By making your genetic analyzes, your health problems that can occur as you get older are identified. A health plan is created to support your genetic makeup and your high risk vulnerability, and your specific medical follow-up and treatment plans are created.

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Your own renewing cells from your body are used for the purpose of regenerating your damaged or lost cell tissue and organs caused by aging, disease and injury.

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A wide range of genetic tests are performed to ensure that you have the cancer risk, the simplicity and reliability you need to learn. Depending on the type of pathological mutation that results from these analyzes, a special preventive and preventive treatment plan is created for you.

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Genetics screening is performed in infants of advanced maternal candidates who have an anomaly in the previous pregnancy, a child with a genetic disease, a genetic disease in the family history, a pregnancy terminated due to a previous abortion.

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Embryos obtained from couples with a risk of genetic disease or genetically related infertility problems are genetically analyzed to select embryos with good quality and transferred to the mother to be conceived.

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Individuals who have breast or ovarian cancers on family history or developed at younger ages are screened for pathologic genetic changes that are at risk of developing this disease. Based on the results of the analysis, a personal, preventive cancer plan is created.

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Stem Cell Treatment We Provide


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Stem Cell Therapy Package

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